Exploring More of London

Week 6 has come and gone! This week consisted of more and more course work, as well as adventures in London. The weather has been really rainy, but I’m not going to let a little rain stop me from getting out and exploring this amazing city!

For my International Trade class we took a field trip to Primark – which is a low cost retail store. The store was gigantic! Our class was in shock at just how affordable everything was! We’re working on a case study analyzing which markets Primark is currently in and selecting two markets where we feel Primark could succeed. This has required extensive research, but has been a very good learning experience. Our report is to be presented as if we are speaking to Primark executives. The projects like this one are really enjoyable here at FIE!

I decided I’d been in London too long to not have visited Regent’s Park, Primrose Hill, and Abbey Road. Regent’s Park struck as one of my favorite places in London. The park was massive, and it was so green! The leaves are beginning to change colors and the various colored trees throughout the park looked like a postcard. Nearby, Primrose Hill was a site that I am really glad I visited. The views from the top of the hill were amazing. I wasn’t thinking when I only wore a t-shirt – since there were no trees on top of the hill the extreme winds made it chilly! It was so worth the visit though! After leaving Primrose Hill I headed to Abbey Road Studio. The studio’s history made it a must-see. As the world’s most famous recording studio, it’s a popular attraction. Some of the biggest names in music history recorded here, such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Nirvana. This day was one I’ll remember for sure!

Later in the week I found out the name of the place I’ll be interning (starting in a few weeks). The startup is called MyHomeGroup Ltd. and is a growing real estate agency. I was really interested when I began learning about the business, and it’s business model. It’s not the traditional real estate agency, but rather a 0% commission firm that has fixed-rate listing plans to save consumers money. The internship will be located in Hammersmith, which is under a 30 minute commute – which is awesome! My roles will vary, but I’m expected to answer phone lines, assist the sales team, and communicate with clients. I can’t wait to start! I think it will be a wonderful learning opportunity!

This week has been an exciting one, and I’ve finally becoming more and more comfortable here. The tube is no longer confusing (well, not as confusing), the various parts of London are no longer foreign language, and I’ve acquired a taste for afternoon tea. This experience is doing exactly what I’d hoped – forcing me out of my comfort zone to literally make me become a more open-minded person. I’m so thankful to be here. 

Stay tuned. 


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