Getting Outside of Kensington: Windsor and Camden

Week 7!

I feel obligated to begin by saying just how beautiful Windsor Castle is. On Tuesday I decided to catch a train to see what all the hype was about. Wow! The Castle is absolutely breathtaking. I was in shock because when I arrived I noticed something that I haven’t seen very much in London: sunshine! The weather was absolutely perfect. This made the day so much easier to enjoy, and the sunshine combined with the luscious greenery around the Castle made it memorable trip.

Prior to the trip, I really had no idea of what Windsor Caste is, the history of it, and its significance – so here is a little background. The Castle dates back about 950 years and has served as the home of British Kings and Queens for that time. It is currently the official residence of Her Majesty The Queen. It’s no small piece of real estate, either. It’s the biggest house in the world boasting 484,000 square feet and nearly 1,000 rooms (all while occupying 13 acres of land). The architecture was amazing and the colors and art were absolutely brilliant! St. George’s Chapel is a noteworthy part of the castle. My favorite part of the Chapel was all of the detailed artwork. The trip to Windsor Castle was well worth it! Highly recommend!

On Friday I visited Camden Market for the first time. I’d heard a lot of good things, and all stood true! I couldn’t even overlook the many food choices when walking in (of course tried the pizza). The market consisted of more stands and shops than I could count. Many sold clothing, souvenirs, artwork, and some just random stuff. The amount of food choices at the market was insane. I really enjoyed walking around and checking everything out. The vibe at Camden Town is very unique, and it’s such a fun place to be. I’ll definitely be returning soon to Camden.

This week concludes all but two of my classes as the internship is quickly approaching. It’s crazy how fast the classes have flown by, and I’ll miss my classes, but I look forward to the internship. There’s no doubt that I’ve made friendships from the classes that will continue! The week we’re given for fall break is not going to be wasted! I plan on traveling with friends throughout Italy and I have high expectations for the food. I just touched down in Milan, and more details of the Italy adventures will come!


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