I do not know where to start for Paris. It was a quick weekend, but exciting at the same time. The weather was perfect. It was warm and sunny. I could not imagine it getting any better. On the first night that I arrived in Paris, it was very overwhelming because not everyone speaks English. … More Paris

My overall experience

“International students.” The first thing that comes to peoples minds when they hear those words is a funny accent and a different culture. Yes, we are different, but it’s actually way beyond that. In my experience, being an international student has been a journey full of challenges and obstacles that have helped me grow as … More My overall experience

My Internship

My internship is a small company called Distance Travelled. Distance Travelled is a travel lifestyle company that specializes in renting private homes for short holiday stays, ensuring the “almost home” feeling guest want to experience while visiting London. The accommodation is accompanied by an online shop that has hand picked travel accessories from global artisans and … More My Internship


I’m almost half way through my study abroad, so I had to decide what to do for spring break. I decided to go first to Zurich because I have family living there and they invited me to spend some time with them. I arrived in Zurich and it was very cold compared to London. The … More Switzerland


So, this past two week it has been amazing I was able to travel to Ireland and Turkey. I gained a lot of experience and knowledge from both countries. Each country is unique in its own way and I was amazed because both countries are rich in culture. Living in London there are people from … More Ireland&Turkey