Aristocratic Homes and Tea Time

Now, ever since my arrival to London, I’ve gone out an about within the city and ventured into modern depictions of art, museums, and buildings. Yet, I wanted to go and see places that people wouldn’t really think of. So, I headed out to Basildon park in search of the aristocratic home that was filmed in the Pride and Prejudice film. I remember growing up watching the film and seeing Mr. Bingly’s house and wanting to know if it actually existed. It sure does, and it was one hike to get there. I took a train ride to Basildon on a weekend and then from the station walked about 2 miles to reach the house. We walked through streets that eventually ran out of pathway and all that was left on the road was the cars and us. It was a wonderful experience and I was able to enjoy the nature as we arrived to the house.

SP Blog Stately Home 1

I was able to tour the inside of the house and then the gardens and trails outside. It was a well spent Saturday afternoon. Towards the end of my time at the house, I was able to have a proper tea time with a friend of mine. I couldn’t help but think of how lucky I was to be here in England were accessing these places outside of London was an option.

SP Blog Stately Home 2

Besides the house in Basildon, I had the pleasure of discovering another aristocratic home in Richmond, where their gardens and fields were so beautiful to see. I had quite a lot of fun and for the most part, I would recommend venturing out into the countryside of England so to see the difference between the city and the other parts not everyone knows of.

SP Blog Stately Home 3

Apart from my ventures to aristocratic homes, I had the amazing opportunity to experience more TEA time here in the city. I was able through FIE to attend Tea time at the Royal Kensington Hotel with various other friends of mine. I love tea but I didn’t know what the allocated time given to tea actually meant. May I tell you that at first, you walk in and are seated down greeted by staff who bring fort the two different kinds of tea, English Breakfest or Earl Grey. From which point, you are brought a variety of sandwiches and for some time you are left to chat and meet the other attendees. Towards the end, and after over 7 cups of tea, I was greeted by a staircase full of pastries. To say it was delicious would be an understatement, it was a wonderful experience that I would gladly redo before I leave London.


With a short blog today, I’ll leave you until next time..




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