ALEXIA – ‘No Regrets’ Summer 2021 in London

No Regrets Alexia Walker is a Junior at the University of Florida in Criminology and an FIE scholarship student. She recently completed a study and internship program in London for Summer 2021 and has returned home. Below is a reflection on her time abroad. I had a surprisingly hard time writing this. I struggled to … More ALEXIA – ‘No Regrets’ Summer 2021 in London

Ze Spätzle Club

Hi, Alyssa here! In February, I had the pleasure of interviewing Nancy Nosel, CEO of the Ze Spätzle Club at Mercado Metropolitan Market and winner of their annual #FemaleFoodFounders competition. Spätzle (pronounced spetch-sla) is a German pasta made from eggs and flour and mixed with various meats, spices, and vegetables to create a savory experience. I … More Ze Spätzle Club

David E. Martinez – D&I Scholarship (2015, LMU)

David Martinez is a Sharif Rahman Memorial Scholarship (Diversity & Inclusivity route) recipient. He studied with FIE London in the Spring of 2015 and developed a presentation as his project involving two components, ‘History of the LGBT Community During the Holocaust’ and ‘London as a Gay Haven’. He currently attends Loyola Marymount University in California.  … More David E. Martinez – D&I Scholarship (2015, LMU)