Bye-Bye Oyster, Hello Borough Market

Well to start off, my title makes it sound like I am about to give the Borough Market a bad review yet, that is not the case. As you can see, I went to the Borough Market with a couple of my friends and I can 100% affirm that it was a great experience. I … More Bye-Bye Oyster, Hello Borough Market



I do not know where to start for Paris. It was a quick weekend, but exciting at the same time. The weather was perfect. It was warm and sunny. I could not imagine it getting any better. On the first night that I arrived in Paris, it was very overwhelming because not everyone speaks English. … More Paris

Life in London

These past two weeks have been fun. I decided to stay in London to explore and find hidden gems throughout the city. London has so many beautiful mews. My favorite is the Holland Park Mews. It is so cute. There are staircases leading up to the second floor. Every house is painted a different vibrant … More Life in London

My overall experience

“International students.” The first thing that comes to peoples minds when they hear those words is a funny accent and a different culture. Yes, we are different, but it’s actually way beyond that. In my experience, being an international student has been a journey full of challenges and obstacles that have helped me grow as … More My overall experience