International Women’s Day at FIE – March 8, 2020

International Women's Day Logo

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women’s equality.

International Women’s Day (IWD) has occurred for well over a century, with the first IWD gathering in 1911 supported by over a million people. Today, IWD belongs to all groups collectively everywhere. IWD is not country, group or organization specific.

At FIE, we want to highlight some of the amazing women that work and study with us.

Adriana Uyehara – Junior in International Business at Cal Poly Pomona

Adriana is a Junior in International Business from Cal Poly Pomona, currently studying at FIE London. As an FIE Sharif Rahman Memorial Scholarship student, Adriana was selected from a strong applicant pool because of her passion for diversity and inclusivity. She is a leader in her community at Cal Poly Pomona and intends to use the opportunity to study and intern abroad to meet new people and gain international business experience.

 “I grew up observing the issues and the obstacles that were and still are in place for women like me. I was raised with the notion that nothing was going to be handed to me on a silver platter, so I had to work harder than everyone else to get where I wanted to be in life. As a woman of color, being represented is very important to me. Seeing, hearing, and learning from successful women of color who represent us is the most inspiring moment female students could have in their college career.”

Sarah Grffin: Student Life Assistant and FIE Dublin

Originally from County Louth, Student Life Assistant Sarah Griffin has been part of the FIE Dublin team for nearly 5 years. As a strong advocate for student mental health support and sustainability while studying abroad, Sarah is well-respected by students and other staff alike, often looking to her for guidance in these important topics.

What I love about working with a company as diverse as FIE is the focus on my abilities that transcends my being a woman. Reflecting on my time as a female SLA, whether it be comforting a student or supporting a fellow staff member, I have always found a profound ease at which we relate to one another. Being a woman with FIE means more than being a warm and friendly resource to students; I have proudly worked with both strong, courageous women and gentle, caring men. Increasingly I have worked with students who are either non-binary or transgender, and my experience of being treated as a strong woman by FIE has allowed me to pass on to them a real sense of themselves as human beings with intricate identities. Being immersed in an organization where the pressure of gender stereotypes is not felt, is both empowering and exciting.

Dr. Julie Ann Andreshak:
FIE’s Cheif Academic Officer and Senior Faculty

Dr. Julie Ann Andreshak is FIE’s Chief Academic Officer as well as Senior Faculty. She is one of two females on the Senior Leadership Team which guides FIE policy and key decisions. Julie has spent her career to date in a variety of international education roles. Dr. Andreshak studied in France and has taught in Poland as well as Morocco where she served in the United States Peace Corps. She holds a Diplome de Cuisine from Le Cordon Bleu, London. She earned her PhD at the University of Minnesota and her MS and BA degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

“When I started working on FIE’s diversity goals 10 or so years ago, I don’t think I could have imagined where society would be now and how our responses and approaches to gender would need to change on the ground.  And, as an organization, I think we’ve taken that brief seriously.  That’s not to say the struggles aren’t still here and aren’t still real; and, they can be dependent on to where in the world you are and where you’ve come from.  We’ve got a responsibility to educate, to expose all our students (of all genders, in an out of the classroom) to the normalization of the spectrum of gender identities and sexual orientations, to have the difficult discussions and acknowledge the pitfalls.  Supporting women as leaders in the workplace and the world, developing gender equality in the curriculum, and creating an inclusive FIE community continue to be our aims in this new decade. “


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