Wimbledon – British Life & Business

On Monday my British Life & Business class visited Wimbledon. Prior to the trip I was confused about how visiting Wimbledon would be relevant to the class at all. After participating in the tour, the trip’s relevance and importance could not have been any more clear.

We arrived at Wimbledon at 10:00 and proceeded to the basement to tour the inside to learn about its history. After discussing the evolution of Wimbledon and how it’s changed over the years, we focused specifically on its branding. This is where things became especially interesting to me. It’s incredible the value of Wimbledon’s brand recognition. We learned that it’s arguably the most instantly recognizable sports tournament in the world. After discussion, we all agreed. All it takes is two seconds of watching the game to know it’s Wimbledon: the grass courts and white uniforms make it clear. It’s subconscious to viewers the characteristics unique to Wimbledon:

  • as mentioned, grass courts & white uniforms
  • Strawberries & cream to eat
  • Pimm’s to drink
  • Unique Purple & green logo

I really enjoyed the tour and will always remember Wimbledon’s supreme brand awareness and significant history to Britain. It was great getting to tour the stadium and see everything up close!!

On Tuesday I visited Notting Hill & Portobello Market again. I had done this once before, but it was nice to have more time to spend to explore and enjoy the area. Notting Hill is full of beautiful multi-color homes, luxurious vehicles, and a massive market. It was a truly amazing day!

After interning Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I boarded a plane set for Dublin on Saturday. The long weekend in Ireland was absolutely unforgettable. We landed in Dublin and explored the area on Saturday. Sunday, we participated in a cross-country bus tour that left Dublin for Galway, The Cliffs of Moher, and a few small towns in between. This tour offered breathtaking views of Ireland’s green rolling hills filled with sheep along with gorgeous coastal views. On Monday we left Dublin for the small coastal town of Howth. This town offered a cool seaside breeze and the best fish n’ chips I’ve had yet. Words can’t describe how beautiful Ireland was. Definitely my best trip yet!

Week 13 was one of the best ones yet. Wimbledon and Ireland in one week? What more could I ask for! One memorable week to say the least!


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