It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas in London!

As Christmas is approaching, more and more of London is being lit with Christmas lights. It’s such a beautiful time of year here in London! It’s been getting chilly outside, but not as cold as it’s been in the states. It’s this time of year that makes you appreciate how hot the tube always is!

On Monday evening I visited the South Bank Christmas Market, which surrounds the London Eye. Tons of tents were set up with merchants selling souvenirs, crafts, and virtually any kind of food thinkable. I really enjoyed the atmosphere – cold outside with outdoor heaters set up, music, and amazing aromas coming from the food trucks. This market was definitely one of my favorite I’ve visited.

Having no class or internship on Tuesdays leaves my schedule pretty free. So, I visited Oxford Street because I’d heard a lot about it and I’d never visited there prior to Tuesday. It was very busy, with about any kind of shopping you could ever want. I explored around there for a couple hours with no agenda, schedule, or timetable to really appreciate the area. On Tuesday I visited Zetland Arms, which is a pub located in South Kensington, for Quiz night. It’s such a fun way to interact with locals, and it’s even better when your team takes the win! We all had an absolute blast!

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday consisted of getting up and going to work at my internship in Hammersmith. My roles at the internship are continuing to progress, and I’m interacting more and more with clients through increasing the number of sales calls I that I make on a daily basis. This internship has already taught me so much about following up on sales leads, the British real estate market, and general property valuations. I cannot wait to see how much more I learn in the upcoming weeks.

On Friday night I visited Hyde Park for the newly set up Christmas display – Winter Wonderland. It’s so much more massive than any of the pictures show. I was shocked with all of the different parts of the Wonderland. The park is flooded with Christmas lights, large rides, food trucks, games, shops, and so much more. It was really fun and considering how close I’m staying to Hyde Park I’ll definitely be returning at least a few times!

Saturday morning I boarded a flight to Amsterdam. Amsterdam is one city that I’ve been wanting to visit all semester and I finally made it there! While in Amsterdam, I toured Heineken, checked out several museums, the Capitol, and participated in a canal tour via boat. My favorite was the Heineken Experience: learning all about the history of the brand, the Heineken family values, and the beer brewing process was absolutely fascinating!

I’m really excited to see what this next week brings. I’m really loving all of the Christmas lights and music in London, and I’m sure that there’s only more to come!


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