Getting to Know the Kensington Neighbours

After recovering from a week of traveling throughout fall break, Monday morning came quickly. Rather than attending the typical Monday morning class, my British Life & Business class attended a field trip across London. During this trip we participated in a walking tour across various parts of Covent Garden to learn more about London’s sustainability initiatives. I was really impressed by the many “going green” initiatives that the City of London has implemented. I had never understood the importance of parks and natural vegetation in cities until this trip. I found it very fascinating learning the impact that plants that aren’t typically thought about – such as plants acting as insulation for buildings. The field trip was a great learning experience and we were able to see beautiful parts of London that I’d not yet seen.

Tuesday a group of friends and I visited the Natural History Museum, located close in South Kensington. The museum was much larger than I anticipated, and featured many different displays of animals, plants, and minerals. Some of the animals that stood out were a giraffe, a swordfish, and a gorilla. Attached is a photo of Guy, the Gorilla.

On Wednesday, I started my first day as an intern at MyHomeGroup. My role is sales-based and consists of contacting sales leads and assisting clients throughout real estate transactions. My first few days consisted of making hundreds of phone calls, analyzing consumer data, and creating spreadsheets. Additionally, I’m getting experience utilizing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, which is very useful for organizing customer data. I’m really excited to have the opportunity to intern abroad. It only took one day at work to see the many cultural differences between the workplace in the US and the UK. Frequent breaks for tea and pub outings for lunch are definitely aspects of the work culture that I could easily get used to.

I decided that I wanted to explore England (outside of London) on Saturday, and booked train tickets to Oxford. Although the weather was ugly, the city itself was very beautiful. I loved seeing the gorgeous campus and amazing buildings. Regardless of how dark and rainy it was, the natural greenery of Oxford still stood out! Green grass and fall flowers made for a not so bad view! While in Oxford I stumbled upon a market that happened to have some great food trucks too, so that was a huge plus too.

Another enjoyable week down while abroad!


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