Fall Break!

This week was the fall break that we’ve all been looking forward to. Fall break consists of one week free of classes and internships. The majority of students decided to utilize this time to travel, and so did I. Choosing a destination was easy, I’d always wanted to visit Italy, and I knew there was too much to see to cram the visit into a weekend trip.

Early Sunday morning I headed for Stansted Airport to catch a flight to Milan. Upon arrival in Milan I took a train down to Florence. My expectations of Florence were surpassed substantially. As soon as I left the train station in Florence it was easy to see just how beautiful of a city Florence is. I spent the rest of Sunday exploring the city with friends, taking in amazing views, and eating amazing food. On Monday we participated in a half day vineyard and wine tour which consisted of traveling to various vineyards across the Italian countryside in the Tuscany region. The more I looked around at the fields of grape vines, timber, and rolling hills, the more speechless I became. It was an amazing day full of gorgeous views and tasty wine.

On Tuesday we traveled back to Milan to meet some other friends. Milan was very different, and had a much more “city” feel than Florence. We spent all day Tuesday checking out the city and, of course, trying out various restaurants. The Milan Cathedral was my favorite part of the city.

Wednesday morning we left Milan for Venice. I never realized the significance of Venice’s canals until I made it to Venice. There were no cars to be found, and no roads to be seen. Law enforcement, commerce, and logistics appeared to flow through the canals via boat. Venice’s unique geography was beautiful. We participated in a gondola canal tour, which was an unforgettable experience.

After exploring all of Venice for two days, on Thursday we took a train to Rome. We lucked out and got and Airbnb that was very well-located (10 min walk from the Colosseum). Rome was absolutely amazing. We visited the must-see’s, such as the Colosseum, the Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, the Roman Forum, and the list continues. This city was unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and pictures don’t do it justice. I was really fascinated by not only the architecture of the buildings, but also seeing the ancient building remains that were left virtually untouched. Rome is definitely a must for any Italy visits.

This fall break week has been absolutely incredible. I had an amazing time exploring Italy with friends, taking advantage of the delicious food, and taking in the amazing views that Italy has to offer. I am so glad we visited four cities because we were able to experience just how unique each city is. Regardless of the differences of the various parts of Italy, one thing appears to be constant – amazing, authentic Italian food.

It’s Sunday now and as this week concludes an exciting one begins: the first week of our internships! Next week’s blog will be full of the details!


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