Future Student Advice: Don’t Forget Your Passport When Trying to Travel Abroad

This has been another unforgettable week abroad! I’ve spent the week exploring the city, attending a field trip, and visiting Belgium. Can I pause the clock? – Because these weeks are coming and going way too quickly!

On Tuesday I attended a field trip to the Museum of Brands with my Strategic Brand Management class. The museum was fascinating – especially for a business major! We looked at a huge variety of products – from cleaning products to computers and virtually everything in between. It was fascinating to see how different brands have not only changed their logos, but how they’ve completely re-branded based on corporate values, time periods, and government regulations. Another aspect of the visit that I enjoyed was learning how global brands – such as Proctor & Gamble and Unilever position their same product lines as we see in the US with completely different branding. For example, Proctor & Gamble’s “Dawn” dish detergent won’t be found in the UK, but “Fairy” dish soap will. Another example we saw was Unilever’s “Axe” line of men’s grooming products labeled as “Lynx” in the UK. 

The trip to Brussels got off to a rocky start after I missed my train, but it soon turned into being a very enjoyable trip. It’s amazing how every day abroad offers learning opportunities. I overslept, procrastinated packing to the “morning of”, and I forgot my passport on trip #1 to the train station. Each of these could (and should) have been avoided, but I did very little planning and a whole lot of procrastination! I continue to see the importance of time management, determination, and planning ahead. 

When we arrived in Brussels on Friday we explored the area simply by walking miles without plans, maps, or time-frames. The architecture and infrastructure in Europe continues to amaze me, and I love seeing just how different it is than that of the US. 

On Saturday we caught an early morning train to Brugge. An hour train ride away, I would’ve thought we were in a completely different country. We toured a very large Cathedral dating back hundreds of years. My favorite parts of the experience were seeing the beautiful stained glass and taking in the amazing sounds of the organ. Later that day we toured a local beer museum, took a canal tour through the city, and walked through some of the oldest churches and buildings in the entire city.

Both cities in Belgium were absolutely captivating, and it was another unforgettable weekend trip. Here’s a little tip just in case you get the opportunity to visit Belgium: the waffles really are the best, no doubt!!

I love taking field trips such as this one because they provide opportunities to gain real-world, memorable examples of the subjects we learn about in the classroom. This field trip was very memorable, and I’m excited for any future trips like this that I may have the opportunity to participate in!

One more week down, many more lessons learned, and many more to go. I’m so excited to see what this next week will bring.


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