Time to Change, A Mental Health Project

When deciding what to write for my scholarship essay, I knew I wanted to talk about mental health and the organization based in the UK, Time to Change. It was helpful to already be passionate about the topic, as I feel that it affected my ability to write enthusiastically about the topic in a positive way.

Miraculously, I received the scholarship and was thrilled that I would be able to implement the plan that I had laid out in my essay. I wrote about an event that involved the showing of the film, Inside Out. The film was to be followed by a conversation regarding mental health. Inside Out is a film that is frequently shown in psychologist’s offices for children to help them understand their emotions. Although obviously, students are not children, it’s a film that my friends and I greatly enjoy, so I thought others might as well.

Even though my friends and I enjoy the film, I was worried that no one would want to come to an event centered around mental health and an animated film. I set my goal of people to come, thinking that if nothing else, my flatmates would show up. I was thrilled when people who I didn’t even know began to arrive. It was great getting to know more people and talk about something I am so passionate about. Another goal of mine was to encourage students to have a conversation following the film regarding mental health in a very casual manner. Four students from another university ended up staying to chat. It was interesting learning about how mental health organizations on their campus raise awareness for mental health and resources to help those in need.

Another really great aspect of this project is that I was able to utilize my major/concentration to help promote this event. As a fashion merchandising major, it is sometimes challenging to find ways to practically use what I’ve been learning in my courses. I have a concentration in marketing, so I used that with my knowledge of the Adobe suite to create flyers and emails to help promote the event. I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to share my passion for mental health and impact the FIE community in a positive way.


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