Final Moments in London & Last Internship Days


Well, may I say that this experience has not only been one for the books but one that I will never forget. My entire experience during the last seven weeks were more than I had hoped and I can never be more grateful for the opportunity to have worked in a non-profit. As my last days in London draw nearer and work almost ceases, I can say that I learned so much from my placement, and the people I’ve seen and met took me under their wing and were really nice to me. On my final days in London, I tried to check off my list a variety of places and things to do until I had to go in for my last days at the internship. So, on Monday I went off to see my favorite musical of all times, the Phantom of the Opera, at her Majesty’s Theater. On Tuesday, right after class I went off to Sky Garden with a couple of friends, crossed the Tower Bridge, and then went off to eat at Byron.


By Wednesday, I was off to my internship. By now, I had learned that regardless if I left at 8:10 or walked to Gloucester and took a tube at 8:20, I would still make it to work before 9 am. So I stopped trying and just went with the flow of transportation. I was able to always know how to make it to work early and on time. By now, I had already worked in a variety of projects for the charity, gone out on post runs, and gone out for external meetings in other parts of the city. I was lucky enough to have nice co-workers who would always ask about me, invite me to lunch, and offer me cups of endless tea. I was very grateful for the experience, and for the last days on the job I worked on finishing projects I had from multiple people.


I had by this time, finished newsletters that got published and sent to people, had sent in various mailings and emails in response to a clay shooting sponsored by the charity and for a gala they expect to host in September. We had just gotten some replies back and were trying to keep a positive outlook since various letters went out. The charity also had marathon runners running for the Virgin London Marathon so we were trying to establish everything and leave everything ready. Then, Friday hit and the day felt a bit like a blur. For the whole day was warm and sunny, enough that all of my co-workers and I went off to grab lunch from the Spitalfield Market food market close to the office. I got a falafel wrap and went off to sit at the Whitechapel park for a group lunch.


Before lunch was over, my co-workers gave both me and my co-intern goodie-bags filled with items from the charity, like a t-shirt, chocolates, travel items, etc. It was really a bitter-sweet day and we spent it cleaning out the desks and going out for drinks. Everyone came by and said goodbye and some of us went off to eat dinner at Franco Manca one last time.


Afterwards, I had to pack to go home once more. On Saturday, I went off to Camden market, Primrose Hill one last time, and lastly to Abbey Road. It was a long day and night since I had to leave for the airport on Sunday at around 11 am. The next morning, I spent it cleaning out the kitchen, my room, and finished packing. By the time I turned around, it was time and with a bittersweet moment, I rolled my bags out of the flat. I rolled it all out feeling hot due to the stairs. No lift meant a lot of leg work but in the end, I really enjoyed my time. It was hard to let go, and before leaving, myself and two more girls went for one final walk to Hyde Park.

As I walked through the park, it seemed like such a beautiful day with the blossoms out, the sun shining, and the wind blowing. Yet, by the time I got on the 49 bus for one last time, it seemed that time flew. Went off to Gloucester Piccadilly line one last time until the end of the line at Terminal 3 of Heathrow Airport. Then, it was all about awaiting the flight. Carrying my backpack and a carry on onto the plane, I took my seat and awaited the signal to go airborne.


Next thing I knew I was leaving a place I had had the opportunity to call home for the past 4 months. London had become my home and for as long as I can remember it will be my second home. A place where I grew emotionally and personally. It will always have a place in my heart and with that thought I took off for an 11-hour flight back to LAX where my family would be awaiting.


And with that, my story in London closes with various memories and lessons learned and with hopes of coming back once more in the near future.


Thank you,




*Image courtesy of Caholguin109 through Wikipedia Commons

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