First Day at the Internship

Fight_for_Sight_logo_2006When you study through FIE here in England, an internship is requested of you and you work there from Wednesday to Friday for 7 weeks. So as a biology major, I wanted to find an internship that could embody some science but focused on the practice of health care, especially in the non-profit area. So, I was quite happy to have been placed in an eye medical research charity called Fight for Sight. The charity is primarily located near the center of London directly 2 minutes away from the Aldgate tube stop. So on my first day, I remember waking up at about 7 am so to have enough time to eat breakfast, get ready, and make the 45-minute commute during rush hour.


I remember walking out into my kitchen and seeing other peers get ready to go. I greeted everyone and ended up running out the door to catch the 49 bus to the tube station. Once there, I realized that the stories of how packed the tube gets during rush hour were all true. It was so hot and dense inside the tube and for a good 30 minutes, the amount of people in the tube didn’t seem to change. In my own personal opinion, it got better the longer you were on the tube. Yet, by the time I got of the district line at aldgate east, a 3-minute walk from work, I noticed I had gotten there too early. I was out of the tube by around 8:35 when I had to be there by 9. So I walked around trying to find the correct building.


It turned out that my designated charity was on the first floor of a building at the corner of the street. So at about 8:53 am I walked up and took the lift to the first floor. Why did I not take the stairs, you may ask. Well, because in order to get pass the door hiding the stairs, you need an access card, one of which I did not have. So you can best believe that taking the lift up one floor is quite embarrassing when other go up to the 4thto 5thfloor. Yet, I remember walking in through the door and finding my supervisor making coffee. He offered me a cup and declined because I personally don’t drink coffee. Nevertheless, I was introduced to my fellow co-workers and everyone was extremely friendly to me.


Soon after I arrived, a second intern arrived. He was also a participant here at FIE and like myself was greeted by the whole staff. From that point on, I was given an itinerary with all of the tasks I had to complete every day for the next seven weeks. So I worked on reading about the company, finding out some buyers for merchandise, and seeking out just how the charities website’s logistics were. By the time lunch came by, my supervisor took me and my co-intern around the block to see what the lunch options were. We discussed what it meant to work and live in London and how chaotic the city can be. Soon after that one-hour lunch, I realized that the day had gone by quite quickly. So I was unsure how the next seven weeks would look like, but I wanted to make the most of it.


I then by 5 pm walked to the Aldgate tube stop and took the circle line all the way to Gloucester and walked my way home. It had been an educational day, I got to learn about the charity more, learned about my co-workers a bit, and felt like I had done some kind of progress. Furthermore, I look forward to how it unfolds.


Until next time,



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