Bye-Bye Oyster, Hello Borough Market

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Well to start off, my title makes it sound like I am about to give the Borough Market a bad review yet, that is not the case. As you can see, I went to the Borough Market with a couple of my friends and I can 100% affirm that it was a great experience. I enjoyed the market a lot, but in order to recount what happened that weekend, I must start from the very beginning.


At first, it started like any other day in Hyde Park Gate, were I took the 9 headed to Aldwych towards Green Park Station to transfer onto the tube. So there I was laughing about the previous week with my roommates and friends when I spot our stop. I press the button and head on off the bus. It is when it begins to get a bit rainy that I start to run onto the tube. While I wait for my friends to catch up, I start to feel my pockets for my oyster card. You see, that is when I start panicking about it and go on to check for it desperately because I had everything in the small flip open pocket the Oyster card came in. I had earlier that morning placed my state ID from back home, FIE ID, and Imperial college ID in there as well.


After freaking out and seeing how I didn’t have it, I had the worst day ever. I had lost my Oyster card and all identification on me within the hour of leaving the flat and now I had no choice but to pay for a day ticket in the tube station. I moved on and went off to the Borough Market.


I had such high hopes for the market that by the time I reached it, I wasn’t really in the mood to try anything due to the lost items on the bus. Yet, I went around tried some free samples and got my very first fish and chips at one of the shops. Going in, I went to look for these doughnuts I always see on Instagram and I couldn’t find them at the time. It wasn’t until afterwards that I searched them more in detail online and saw that I had actually passed by the shop.


Afterwards, friends of mine tried the lamb wrap, some brownies, some fruit juices, and fried calamari. It was a great trip for everyone seeking to try food at an affordable price. Yet, the more we walked, the windier it became and the colder we got. So we headed out in search of a coffee shop. We walked a bit and before you know it, we ended up at the Gentlemen Barista Union Coffee Shop. They had really great coffee, tea, and some small pastries.


It was a short trip but in the end, I spent it most of the time thinking about what I was going to do for the next couple of days. What plans to get and how to get to places. Yet, I have to say that the market was really good and that for the following week I bought a week long Oyster card from the tube station at Gloucester Road.


I hope that from my story, you’ve learned to always keep the Oyster card with you at all times because paying for a day ticket was around £12-£13 and then for a week long oyster card was around £39. The funny thing was that on the last day of my Oyster card, I received a letter at Metrogate and a very kind person wrote to me that they had found my Oyster card pocket with all of my items on the bus late that afternoon. They hoped, my items would find their way back to me and that I was studying hard. There was no return address nor signature but someone somewhere was kind enough to me, a stranger and saved me from having to pay for all of my items.


With that I leave you until next time…




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