Student Switch Off Scholarship Project

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Hello, my name is Michelle Wu and I am a 4th year student studying Accounting and Information Systems at Santa Clara University. I am also the FIE Sustainability Scholarship recipient of Fall 2017. As the scholarship recipient, I was charged with two tasks: to be the lead student ambassador for FIE’s sustainability movement Student Switch Off through National Union of Students and to create my own sustainability project.

Student Switch Off (SSO) is more than just the stickers you see that remind you to turn off the outlet, it is campaign that aims to encourage students to save energy when living in University halls of residence that 35 colleges in the UK and 10 colleges in Europe participate in, including FIE. You can find more information regarding Student Switch off here. As an SSO Ambassador, I encouraged students to save energy by taking simple energy saving actions, and reviewed how students can be better engaged in the campaign by giving a number of suggestions.

While I believe FIE has done an amazing job taking sustainability initiatives, I always believe there is room for improvement. After observing and considering how FIE could become more sustainable during the first half of my semester, and discussing different ideas with my mentor, I have focused my scholarship project on creating further awareness templates regarding waste management while also researching compost initiatives in Kensington and Chelsea area.

To make my suggested initiative successful, it is important to educate students, staff, faculty and visitors about how to properly dispose of waste. Hence, I have created simple yet effective posters that clearly indicates which items go in which bin (trash, recycling or compost) as well as producing infographics about the benefits of recycling and composting to motivate everyone in taking responsibility for disposing properly and effectively.

My proposals will be presented by my mentor to the FIE Sustainability Action Group (StAG) for consideration.

I hope that after reading this you are more aware of how your actions effect the environment and participate in sustainability initiatives implemented by FIE. Thanks for reading!


FIE Bin Posters - Logo_Page_1FIE Bin Posters - Logo_Page_2

FIE Bin Posters - Logo_Page_3FIE Bin Posters - Logo_Page_4


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