Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London is a must see for all Harry Potter fans. I was not as obsessed with the series compared to some of the people on the trip, but it was still worth the visit. You can go through the tour at your own pace. It was very interactive, fun, and entertaining. I recommend trying all the simulation and take lots of pictures because that is how you truly immerse in this experience. It felt unreal to be walking the same sets as the actors and actresses. At one point, I felt like a student walking the halls of Hogwarts.

My favorite part of the tour is when I walked through the door into the Great hall. This was the start of the tour and I was blown away by the amount of details included in this scene. It was the scene where Harry Potter gets sorted by the hat to his house. At the far end of the hall stood the professors of Hogwarts. Here is a picture below.


I highly recommend trying the butter beer ice cream. It was delicious! It tasted like caramel ice cream, but I loved it. Overall, I was happy to be able to experience this in person instead of watching the scenes in the movie. My family is a huge fan of the series and the next time I come back to London, I plan on taking them on this magical journey.



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