I do not know where to start for Paris. It was a quick weekend, but exciting at the same time. The weather was perfect. It was warm and sunny. I could not imagine it getting any better. On the first night that I arrived in Paris, it was very overwhelming because not everyone speaks English. It was hard to navigate the public transportation when I was not familiar with the area. I was able to pick up on a few French words, but if I knew French it would have made things easier. GoogleMaps was very handy and I used it throughout my whole trip.

That night I was able to see the Effiel Tower. It was bigger than I expected. It was beautiful when it was lit up. Even during the night, many people came to see this monument. I heard many different languages being spoken as people walked past me. Some I have probably never heard of until now. As I look around Paris, I am amazed by the culture and life. At night, it felt lively. Everywhere I turned there was beautiful architects and artwork. I wish time froze at that moment because words cannot describe the beauty of Paris. I laid on the grass enjoying the view from a distance of the tower while sipping on white wine. It all felt like a dream come true.

During my time there ,I was able to visit the Louve and The Palace of Versailles. Students get free admissions if you show your student visa. It was huge and worth it because there was so much to see. My favorite is the Palace of Versailles. It is about an hour away from Paris by train, but it was worth going!



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