Life in London

These past two weeks have been fun. I decided to stay in London to explore and find hidden gems throughout the city. London has so many beautiful mews. My favorite is the Holland Park Mews. It is so cute. There are staircases leading up to the second floor. Every house is painted a different vibrant color. Some houses have balconies filled with flowers. Go have a look and take lots of selfies!


As I was exploring the city, I stumbled upon this bakery called Dominique Ansel. I had the best hot chocolate. The texture was thick, rich, and creamy. The unique thing about the hot chocolate is the blooming marshmallow flower. As soon as it touches the water, the marshmallow blooms into a flower. It was cool! Also, I recommend getting the cronut. Every month there is a new flavor. For the month of October, they offered banana and nut which was so good. It is a great place to go with your friends and study spot.

I had afternoon tea at the Royal Garden Hotel. It was a fancy restaurant within the hotel. I was excited to finally get dressed up. It was interesting to immerse in the British culture and learn the proper etiquettes. The tea sets were beautiful. There was a variety of sandwiches offered. My favorite was the salmon and shrimp! I was surprised at how quickly you can get full. I recommend to not eat beforehand since you get full quickly. There was a lot of foods and sweet pastries! It satisfied my sweet tooth. Before I leave London, I plan on going there again with my friends.


Stay tuned for my next adventures in Paris!


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