Prague & Budapest

Easter break is very important in Europe and FIE they gave us Friday and Monday free. I decided to go to Prague and Budapest because these places were always on my bucket list. I decided to go three days to Prague and two days Budapest. These cities are known for being beautiful and historical. My family was in Europe, so we decided to travel together. I have to mention that something very difficult about both cities is being able to understand their language and currency. However, it was a great experience and I would recommend future students to visit this places because besides of being extremely beautiful, the prices are very cheap compared to London.


For those who do not know, Prague is the capital city of Czech Republic. This is one of the most beautiful places I haven been in Europe. Everything is very small and medieval. This city has a lot of history because it played an important role in the World War II. When I arrived, I felt in a fairytale. Prague is known for its medieval architecture and its beautiful castles. Something tourists must do is walk on the Charles Bridge. The Charles Bridge was built by King Charles IV and finished at the beginning of the 15th century. The bridge connects the Prague Castle and the city’s old town areas. The bridge has a particular style because it provides baroque statues and statuaries which make’s it unique and beautiful. The food was nice, but the only thing I have to mention about the culture is that people in those countries have a very low-context culture. When we just arrived, I thought people were rude because back in American people are more friendly however, I realized that it’s just part of their culture. Also, in Budapest people are the same way. They don’t smile back and they talked to us only when it was necessary.


Also, communication was a little difficult because most of the people don’t speak English and don’t like to speak any other languages. So, it was something completely different to what I expected because in the rest of Europe most people are fluent in English. Budapest is a beautiful city and also has a lot of history. I feel that two days in Budapest was not enough time because it’s a bigger city compared to Prague and there are more things to see. The most popular places in Budapest are the Buda Castle, the thermal bath, Chains Bridge, the Fisherman Bastion, and the Hungarian Parliament. The Buda castle is located up on a hill, so we were able to see all the city from above. It was very nice because normally Budapest is very cold, but those days were very sunny, so we were able to walk around the castle. Fisherman Bastion is right beside the Buda castle, so we went walking. Also, the Chains bridge is very close, we really got to appreciate the bridge and the Hungarian Parliament at night because it’s all illuminated and beautiful. I really had good experience in both cities both places are unique and beautiful. The most famous attraction of the city is definitely the Thermal Baths because it’s more than 100 years old and it has been very attractive for tourists. To conclude, the whole trip was very nice and fun. However, the only thing I didn’t like was how people treated us. I  know their culture is different, but I was expecting something different because they received a lot of tourists every day.



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