My Internship

My internship is a small company called Distance Travelled. Distance Travelled is a travel lifestyle company that specializes in renting private homes for short holiday stays, ensuring the “almost home” feeling guest want to experience while visiting London. The accommodation is accompanied by an online shop that has hand picked travel accessories from global artisans and local markers. The other part of the business is the website, which provides a blog and a travel guide that are useful for future customers.Telegraph-Hill-apartment-bedroom.jpgIn my internship, I work with Lydia (the owner of the company). Lydia is half British and half African, so she is culturally intelligent and we talked a lot about Britain and African culture. My first week of work she was travelling, but I still had some duties to accomplish. The company is about renting luxury apartments. The main target segment of the company is local and international artists. My duty was to go out to design districts in London. The first week she wanted me to do some research about the business and to bring up new ideas. I went to South Bank because according to what I heard it’s one of London design districts. The art culture is very broad and I find it little hard to understand because I have never been into art. However, I want to learn more about what artists like because they are the main audience of the company. I walked around because that’s what she told me to do and I have to mention that really liked the environment. In Southbank, they have announcements of festivals and other events all over the place that can be useful for the company. I told my manager that a good idea for the company was to get linked with some of the festivals because that’s a good way of doing marketing.

The second week of the internship was my actual first week in the office. She wants to open a hotel boutique in west Africa. I really like her ideas and style. I like that she has a young spirit. I really appreciate she is always listening to the ideas that I have. She is an artistic person and I’m not, so the first weeks it has been a little difficult for me to understand some tasks that she wanted me to accomplish. For example, she made me look for textiles for her new boutique hotel and I like colorful textiles, but she likes more pale colors. We don’t have the same style, but since we are having good communication I’m able to understand what she actually likes. Besides talking about work, we also talked a lot about the differences between American and European culture. She asked me questions about my country because her daughter has visited Bolivia and she told me she also wants to come to Bolivia one day.

Boutique hotels differentiate from hotels because they are more decorated and artistic. I like art, but I don’t actually know how to decorate a place. My task was to do research on some items for decorating her new hotel. So, the main problem is that we don’t have the same style and we don’t like the same things. Therefore, I had to ask her frequently what items she liked because she is very special with her style. I hate ambiguity, but I feel that it’s a good way of learning. I’m learning new thing that I didn’t know before. However, at the same time, ambiguity can be very stressful. I get stock hours stressed out thinking about each item whether she would like it or not. So, she decided to make me do something new and more useful for me since I’m a business major. Lydia decided I will be doing a marketing research project on how to target more customers for her company. I began to do the research on Friday and I’m happy with this new idea. However, this 3-weeks since the internship began, I feel that I still need to know more about the company. There are many questions that I have, but that’s the whole idea of the internship to learn new things.

If you want to know more about the company 🙂





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