First weeks in London

Hi Everyone! My name is Natalie Dajbura I’m originally from Bolivia. I’m a current student at the University of Florida participating in the study abroad program in London. I’m a Business Administration student and I decided to take three business courses in FIE. I’m glad the UF program is with FIE because it is well-organized and they care about their students. My professors are very nice and polite and they make classes interesting and fun because we have field trips. I personally think it is a good way to learn is by observing. In both my Marketing and Finance class, we have study tours around the city.So, in my Finance class, we went to the Financial District and I was expecting to be similar to Wall Street, but it was completely different. The Financial District in London is less crowded, people are more polite, and the streets are more walkable.Our teacher assigned a man that guide us and told us about historical information about how London grew financially and why its economy is important nowadays.


london2   chocolate.JPG

I chose this beautiful city because I knew London was going to be an excellent experience. I arrived in London two weeks ago and overall it has been great.Since I’m from bolivia, I don’t have an American passport, so I can’t travel outside the U.K because my other visa(the one for the rest of Europe) is issued for the last week of February.Therefore, I’m forced to stay in London for the next weeks.However, I plan to travel to Italy, Turkey, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland, Spain, and Greece.In Europe, the distances are shorter and the airplane tickets are cheaper if we compare it with the US.So, if you are planning to do a study abroad in London it is an excellent opportunity because you I will not only study, but I will also travel and learn about other cultures.

I love the place where I’m staying (Metrogate House) because it has a great location in London and the people who work here are very nice.Also, the public transportation is well-organized and clean. I like that it’s very easy to move around the city because back in Florida if you don’t have a car it’s very expensive and complicated.


I have to mention that the climate is very different. Florida in known for being the “sunshine state”, and since I got here I think I saw the sunlight like five times! London is almost everyday cloudy. However, I’m still in love with this place because is something completely different.I’m very happy that I have to opportunity to be part of this program and to be able to share my experience with you.




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