London Eye

Hello again!

This week I had another opportunity to join FIE for an extra-curricular event.  During my time here in London, The Foundation offered three different chances to take a ride on the famous London Eye.  I went on a Tuesday night at 17:00 and had a much needed break from studying for finals.

The London Eye is not an actual Ferris Wheel.  It is a “cantilevered observation wheel” so large that you can see up to 40 kilometres on a clear day.  There are 32 passenger capsules on the Eye that represent the 32 boroughs of London (they are numbered 1-33, leaving out 13 as bad luck).  The price of the event included access to a 4D experience you can see before you queue up for the actual ride.


Leading up to boarding the Eye, I was so nervous about being in a capsule for a rotation, which takes about 30 minutes, and not being able to leave.  The height of the Eye is also very intimidating, but once I was inside and able to see a new perspective of London, I was so excited.  The sun had just set so the sky was beautiful and the weather that evening was perfect with great visibility of London.

This was definitely the highlight of my busy week and I personally recommended this FIE sponsored activity.  I still have a lot more events to attend, one of which is the Wales Weekend Adventure coming up next week.  I’ll be telling you about all of these fun trips and events I go to plus any new experiences along the way.  It’s hard to believe that my time in London has reached the halfway point and I only have two months left.


Until next time,


One thought on “London Eye

  1. Dear Ms. Medina (Lizette):

    I love to read your blogs regarding London and your travels. Just soak up all that you can and experience all the different places. I am very proud of you!!!!!

    Cousin Annie 🙂


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