Brighton, Salisbury & Stonehenge

Greetings from London!

In just three weeks I have had the opportunity to travel quite a bit.  As an FIE student, there are a variety of opportunities to explore the region.  First, two of my courses provided study visits instead of the normal classroom meetings.  We took a guided city walking tour of London’s financial district for my Finance course and in my International Trade course we explored Greenwich, a borough of London that is known as a maritime historical site.  Its history of seafaring exploration of course led to international trade and it is the location of the Prime Meridian where east meets west at 0° longitude.

Skyline view from Greenwich Royal Observatory


FIE suggests that students don’t forget to explore England, before heading off to adventures in Europe later in the semester.  On Friday I had a day off from classes so I decided to visit the resort town of Brighton on the south coast of England.  The country has experienced record-breaking heat during September and it was time to escape from the city.  Having grown up only two blocks from the ocean, I was in need of a beach day so one of my flat mates and I took a quick one hour morning train ride to see the beach and the town.  We enjoyed strolling around the North Laine shops and people watching while we waited for the weather to clear.  Then it was on to the beach to check out the famous pier with its arcades and rides.  And of course we had to go for a swim before heading back to our flat in London.  It was a great day trip.

One of the great advantages of studying with FIE are the extracurricular events that are offered to students.  On Saturday it was time to visit Salisbury and Stonehenge with about 100 other college students that are also studying at FIE.  First stop was the medieval city of Salisbury where we visited the Saturday market for lunch.  The smell of roast pork drew us to a popular food stall and then we had some free time to explore the city.  After that, we made our way over to the Cathedral where we were able to walk around, see Europe’s oldest working clock and the Magna Carta.

Then it was on to the prehistoric stone circle of Stonehenge.  It is a very popular destination and we found ourselves surrounded by hundreds of visitors.  Of course we left wondering what the Neolithic builders really had in mind when they created what has become a very popular tourist attraction.  Overall, it was an amazing week of exploration courtesy of the Foundation for International Education.



Until next time,


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